farewell, Art

Bureau d'Etudes
Rhubaba Gallery and Studios presents farewell, Art, a new solo project by artist duo Bureau d’etudes.

This research-driven project draws from the hypothesis that we will soon emphatically experience a collapse of social and cultural order due to the looming ecological degradation forged through centuries of capitalist extraction. During a two-week research trip to Scotland in March 2020, Bureau d’etudes visited and contacted individuals, organisations and communities with diverse practices and ways of making including; ATLAS Arts, Pishwanton Project, Scottish Sculpture Workshop, Professor Tim Ingold, Findhorn Foundation, Hospitalfield, a member of the Scottish Crofting Federation, Scottish Rural Action and Edinburgh Archaeological Field Society.
This website is the outcome of their research and will be added to throughout June and July 2020 with more material including three Axis that explore future Art schools. For now, explore the Context Maps to follow their route across Scotland as well as the variety of contexts they have researched in relation to the project.

Download the text below, written by the Rhubaba committee, which reflects on this research and our own position.